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Maria Nyström

Maria was born on October 14 1805 at Gunneruds Mill in Alsters parish, Värmlands county. Her parents were the nail smith master Jonas Bengtsson Nyström and his wife Britta Svensdotter. She was baptized as Maria Lisa, but was called Maria.

When Maria was four years old, in 1809, her mother died. The following year her father remarried the maid Annika Eriksdotter from the farm Mosserud in Nedre Ulleruds parish, Värmlands county.

In 1811, the family moved from Gunneruds Mill to the farm, Mosserud, from which her step mother came in Nedre Ulleruds parish.

In 1821, Maria moved from Mosserud to Alsters parish. She worked as a maid for the farmer Nils Svensson in Ulvsbyn. There she stayed for two years. On October 13 1823 she returned to her father and his family in Mosserud, Nedre Ulleruds parish.

She stayed in Mosserud until 1826. In that year, on December 26 she married the farmhand Gustaf Olsson from the farm Karsbohl in the same parish. They had published their banns on November 5 1826. After the wedding they settled on the farm Nordsjö in the same parish. That year Maria was 22 years old and her husband Gustaf 28 years old.

In Nordsjö her husband Gustaf was employed in farming and was named as "GM" (Gifta mannen/The married man).

In 1836, the family moved to the farm Nolby in the same parish where her husband got job as a worker. There the family stayed for some years, most likely until 1840, when they moved to the farm Sjöbråten, also in Nedre Ulleruds parish.

At Sjöbråten her husband also worked on the farm. They stayed at Sjöbråten until 1851 by which time her husband was 53 years old. He likely had a tough life and was unable to work further. The family moved to Mosserud, where they lived as dependent (free) lodgers. At that time the family consisted of five persons: Gustaf, Maria and the children Johannes and Emil, 16 and 5 years old, and their foster son August Larsson, 3 years.

The following year, in May 1852, Maria became a widow after her husband Gustaf died. After his death Maria stayed in Mosserud with her sons Johannes, Emil and foster son August.

In 1855, her son Johannes moved to Alsters parish to marry. The following year he returned with his wife, Maria Cajsa Andersdotter, and their children. They moved to Grava parish in 1862. Her son Emil and foster son August moved to other farms in Nedre Ullerud parish in 1863.

In the church books for 1866 - 1870 it is noted that she earlier was a "crofter widow and that she had moved to a smaller croft on Mosseruds properties.

Maria lived in the small croft on Mosseruds properties in Nedre Ulleruds parish, for the rest of her life. She died on April 12 1880, 76 years, one month and ten days old. According to the church books she lived alone in her little croft the last ten years of her life.

  • Britta Cajsa, * September 2 1827, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Anna, * June 4 1829, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Lisa, * July 6 1830, Nedre Ullerud. 1)
  • Carolina, * May 19 1833, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Johannes, * September 5 1835, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Johanna, * March 19 1839, Nedre Ullerud. † Before 1846, Nedre Ullerud.
  • Emil, * February 20 1846, Nedre Ullerud.
  • August Larsson, * August 7 1848, Nedre Ullerud. 2)

    1) Married to the crofter Lars Larsson. They had eleven children. Nine of them emigrated to America. Lars died in 1882. When their children Emma and Oskar emigrated to America in 1893 Lisa followed. She died in 1904 in St Paul, Minnesota, USA. Also see Lars & LIsa Larsson - A Record of Three Generations, 1827 - 1990.
    2) Foster son

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