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Hulda Westlund

Hulda was born on August 28 1854. She was the sixth child to the bricklayer Nils Westlund and his wife Maria Lindholm. They were at that time living at the address Stora Träskgatan 17 in Johannes congregation in Stockholm.

We do not know more about her childhood then, until she was ten years old, the family moved several times to new apartments in Stockholm. When she was ten years old her father died and her mother had to manage the home and the seven children on her own.

On October 25 1871 she moved with her mother in to the address "11 12 KhG" in Klara congregation in Stockholm.They came from Jakobs congregation. The following year moved her brother in with them.

They lived until 1875 then they all three moved back till Jakobs congregation. They moved on October 19 1875 to the address Regeringsgatan 94 in Jakobs congregation.

On October 21 1876, at an age of 22, she married the five years older tailor Matts Wahlström. They married in Jacob/Johannes congregation in Stockholm. They lived on the address Regeringsgatan 97 in the same congregation.

A month after the wedding, on December 2 1876, their first child was born, the son Erik Hjalmar Mattias.

Two years later, 1878, the family moved to Hantverkargatan 33A in Kungsholms congregation. There they lived for 10 years.

In July in 1878 her mother moved in with them. She stayed until 1886.

On the address Hantvekargatan 33 A they had six more children; Alhilda Maria Elisabet, born November 12 1878 and died July 4 1879, Gustaf Olof, born April 4 1880 and died February 12 1885, Ingeborg Emilia Maria, born April 20 1882, Edith Albertina Viktoria, born January 25 1884, Hilda Elisabeth Euguenia, born November 5 1885 and died June 21 1900, Matts Hugo Edvard, born April 13 1887 and died July 20 1887.

During the spring of 1888 they moved to the address Garvargatan 9 also in Kungsholmens congregation. At that address were two more children born, the daughters Signe Theres Charlotta, born June 15 1888, and Olga Maria, born April 4 1890.

Later the same year, 1890, they moved to the address Kammakargatan 70 in Vasastan in Stockholm.

In 1890 Hulda and Matts talked about an emigration to USA. Matts older brother Anders had 20 yeras earlier, in 1870, emigrated with his family. They decided to emigrate and Matts was to go first to find a job and a place to stay. In February 1891 Matts left Sweden and took the boat to USA. Hulda was to stay at home to sell their home and start preparing for their trip. The family never emigrated and Matts returned home during summer-time the same year. One of the reasons were the bad health of Hulda. (Read more in The emigrant).

As their home was sold they had to find a new place to stay and during summer in 1891 they moved to the address Bryggargaten 27. They lived at that address until 1902, as they moved to Bryggargatan 25.

During the years at Bryggargatan 27, two more children were born, the sons Konrad Matts Albert, born October 27 1893 and Yngve Nils Harald, born September 14 1897.

Förstora bilden
Hulda celebrates her 50th birthday on August 28 1904.
The family in the garden of Bryggargatan 25.

Olga Maria, Konrad, Edith, Hjalmar, Yngve, Theres,
Hulda Wahlström, Matts Wahlström, Ingeborg.

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In 1910 they once again had moved to Kungsholmen and the address Flemminggatan 43. They moved later to Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata and lived there for a short period and moved by the end of the first world war to Hollandargatan 29.

In the beginning of 1920th they moved to the address Hjarnegatan 5 at Kungsholmen. Here she lived for the rest of her life.

Hulda died, 73 years old, on July 3 1927. She died at her daughter Theres and her husbands summerhouse on Marteberg on the island of Norra Lagno just outside Stockholm. They rented the house from Theres sister Edith and her husband Hugo who also had a house nearby. Hulda was often visiting her daughters there.

  • Erik Hjalmar Mattias, * December 2 1876, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Alhilda Maria Elisabet, * November 12 1878, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. † July 4 1879, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Gustaf Olof, * April 4 1880, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. † February 12 1885, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Ingeborg Emilia Maria, * April 20 1882, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Edith Albertina Viktoria, * January 25 1884, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Hilda Elisabeth Euguenia, * November 5 1885, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. † June 21 1900, Klara, Stockholm.
  • Matts Hugo Edvard, * April 13 1887, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. † July 20 1887, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Signe Theres Charlotta, * June 15 1888, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Olga Maria, * April 4 1890, Kungsholmen, Stockholm.
  • Konrad Matts Albert, * October 27 1893, Klara, Stockholm.
  • Yngve Nils Harald, * September 14 1897, Klara, Stockholm.

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