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Matts Wahlström

Matts was born on January 25 1850 at Soderskogen in Films parish, Uppsala county. Two days later, on January 27, he was baptised. The following wittnesses were present: "The miner Eric Gisselberg in Dannemora, Wife Sofia Wikman from Soderskogen, The miners son Fredric Lindqvist and the miners daughter Tekla Lindqvist from Soderskogen". He was the fifth to the miner Eric Wahlström and his wife Maria Moberg.

He spent his childhood at Soderskogen in Films parish. At an age of nineteen, on November 9 1869, he left home and moved to the city of Uppsala. In Uppsala i started working as a tailors journeyman. He stayed in Uppsala for two years.

On November 25 1871 he left Uppsala and moved to Stockholm. He settled on the address Norra Smedjegatan 3 in Jakobs congregation.

Five years later, on October 21 1876, he married Hulda Westlund in Stockholm. They married in the church Jacob/Johannes congregation. This year Matts was 26 years old and worked as a tailor. The family moved to an apartment at the address Regeringsgatan 97 in the same congregation.

Two years later, 1878, the family had moved to the address Hantverkargatan 33A in Kungsholms congregation. Here they came to live for the following 10 years. Matts had at this time an employment for the master tailor E Färnlund in his tailors business at the address Drottninggatan 21 C.

In the beginning of 1879 the family was six persons big, Matts and Hulda and their two children Hjalmar and Elisabet aswell as two persons living with them, Huldas mother Maria Westlund and the Waitor Olof Ohlsson.

During 1884 Matts changed emplyment and started working for the tailor business Heurlin & Comp at the address Smedjegatan 21.

In the Springtime of 1888 the family moved to a new apartment at the address Garvargaten 9 in Kungsholmens congregation and two years later, 1890, they moved again. This time to the address Kammakargatan 70 in Adolf Fredriks congregation.

In 1890 Matts and Hulda talked about an emigration to USA. His older brother Anders had 20 years earlier, in 1870, emigrated with his family. They decided to emigrate and Matts was going to go first to find a job and a place to stay. In February 1891 Matts left Sweden and took the boat to USA. The family never emigrated and Matts returned home during summertime the same year. (Read more in The emigrant).

When he returned home he got his old job back at the tailors business G U Heurlin & Comp whitch now had moved to the address Norra Smedjegatan 22. During the summer of 1891 the family moved to the address Bryggargatan 27 and later to Bryggargatan 25. They moved on October 9 1908 on to Kungsholmen.

Förstora bilden
Hulda celebrates her 50th birthday on August 28 1904.
The family in the garden of Bryggargatan 25.

Olga Maria, Konrad, Edith, Hjalmar, Yngve, Theres,
Hulda Wahlström, Matts Wahlström, Ingeborg.

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In 1910 they lived at the address Flemminggatan 43 on Kungsholmen. Later they moved on and lived for a short time at Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata and during the first world war they moved on to the address Hollandargatan 29.

In the beginning of 1920 they moved again, this time to the address Hjärnegatan 5 on Kungsholmen. Here they lived until the death of his wife Hulda in 1927. After the death of his wife he moved to his daughter Ingeborg and her husband Carl-Magnus Johnsson at the address Kvarteret Tallen 12, later changed to Idunavagen 17, on the island Lidingö just outside Stockholm. Here Matts lived for the rest of his life.

Matts died, at an age of 83, on May 9 1933. At that time he had been a widower for six years.

Ration cards from the First World War.
The originals are owned by the family Sällström.
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