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The farm Hösserudkullen

in Alsters parish, Värmlands county

Foto from 1904.
On the stairs is Anders Fredrik Magnusson.

The history of the farm

In the churchbooks from Alsters parish for the years 1721 - 1895 no farm with the name Hosserudkullen is noted. The farm was one in a group of three separate farms that was named Hosserud. The name Hosserudkullen was used in order to discern one of the three the farms.

The name Hosserud is explained in Albin Zernanders book about Alsters parish. He writes that the name Hosserud consists of two divides, "Hosse" and "Rud". The second portion "Rud" is a common name on farmnames in the neighbourhood. It comes from the old nordic word >rydja> and has the meaning of "a clearing of woods". These names were formed during the period of 1000-1500. The first portion "Hosse" comes from the old nordic word >haus>, that has the meaning of "brain-pan". The name Hosserud would have the meaning "The brain-pan-formed hill", or even more likely, "The clearing of woods on the brain-pan-formed hill".

Of the three the farms that were called Hosserud only two exists today. To separate the farms the people in the parish called one Hosserud an the other Hosserudkullen. Both these farms are still cultivated today.

We know that many of my forefathers had lived in Hosserud, but we do not know on which one of the three farms they lived on from time to time. Therefore we can not be sure how long the farm Hosserudkullen has been owned within the family.

What we do know is that Hosserudkullen has been owned within the same family since about 1840. In the churchbooks the years 1846-50 that Hosserudkullen was owed by Magnus Andersson from Bjurerud, who was the father of Anders Fredrik Magnusson. Hosserudkullen was 1/4 mtl big and Magnus Andersson owned 1/8. The other 1/8 was owned and cultivated by Jan Jonsson. When Jan Jonsson died in1857 Magnus Andersson must have bought his part and got a total size of 1/4 mtl. It's this size that the farm had in churchbooks from year 1866 and forth.

When Anders Fredrik and his family came to the farm around 1859, they moved in to the newbuilt Manor house comprehensive two floors and with a livingspåace of 300m2. The old the manor house that was a one-floor building had been removed and on its location was now a yard with a plantation in middle. There exists no tracks left of the old manor house.

It's now that the farms palmy days begins. It asts until the end of 1930th. During this time a number of new buildings were built as a new cowhouse, the lodge and the coach-house. Today exists 10 different buildings from this period: The Manor house, the Farm-hands house, the Stable, the Granary, the Cowhouse with Lodge, the Laundry, the Hens-house, the Smithy, the Lime-house, and the Kennel. The Smoking-house that belongs to the farm is placed up in the forrest and has not survived through time. It has been taken over by bushes and ants. Only the entrance is fairly intact.

The Lodge, whitch is the extension of the cowhouse, was built in 1935 and is the latest built house on the farm

The oldest houses on the farm are the Stable and the Farm-hands house . These are, according an investigation of the Museum in Varmlands county, built in the beginning of the 1900th century.

Under the Farm-hands house there is a cellar. In the house there are also a carpenters workshop and storeroom for grains. The Stable has location for four horses and the cowhouse for 16 cows. The farm had horses and cows until 1968.

On the farm there is also a little pond and next to the pond a well.

About the farm in older times we do not know wery much. This is yet to be explored.

The farm Hosserudkullen is still owned within the family, much thanks to Dagmar Andersson who bequeathed the farm to me and my parents.

Since the year 1846 the farm Hosserudkullen has been owned by following persons:

Magnus Andersson in Bjurerud
Anders Fredrik Magnusson, (son of Magnus)
Karl Andersson, (son of Anders Fredrik)
Dagmar Andersson, (daughter of Karl)
Brita Bergstrom, (daughter of the first cousin of Dagmar)
Hakan Bergstrom, (son of Brita)

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