The Nelson Family History

Welcome to the Nelson family history.

Our family originates from Sweden
and on the following pages you will find
information about our family and its history.

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Nils Einar and Mildred Nelson
at their wedding in 1934.
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Our Family Tree. (updated 2008-08-04)

Nils Einar Nelsons mother.
Nils Einar Nelsons emigration.

Nils Einar Nelsons ancestors. (pdf)
Nils Einar Nelsons and his sisters ancestors. (pdf)
Nils Einar Nelsons and his sisters descendants. (pdf)
Map of descendants to Anders Fredrik Magnusson.(pdf)
Descendants to Anders Fredrik Magnusson. (pdf)
The Nelson Family June 2008.

The farm Mosserud. (pdf)
Nils Einar Nelsons letter to his mother.
Obituary notice for Einar Nelson.

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