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The farm Säter

in Alsters parish, Värmlands county

Foto from august 1997.

The farm Säter is situated on the east side of the lake Alstern in Alsters paish, Värmlands county.

The farm was owned by my great great grandfather Axel Gustafsson and his wife Katarina Larsdotter, in the years 1916 - 1929.

The family had moved from the old family farm Slottbråten in Eds parish, Värmlands county. According to the churchbooks they left Slottbråten on April 1 1916.

They owned Sater for 13 years, until 1929, when they had to sell the farm. Axel had helped a fiend with financing and now the friend turned bankrupted. The only solution was to sell Säter.

When they, on April 4 1929, left Säter, Axel moved to his daugther Ellen and her husband Gunnar in Mosstorp, in the same parish. His wife Katarina moved to their daughter Astrid and her husband Artur Jansson in Ulvsby, also in Alsters parish.

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