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The farm Mosstorp

in Alsters parish, Värmlands county

Foto taken in May 1998.

The three farms in Mosstorp, Alsters parish, Värmlands county, were earlier called Måsserudstorp. [Map]  

This farm, the farm in the middle of three farms in Mosstorp, was bought by my great grandfather Ludvig Johansson, in 1899. The farm was later taken over by my grandfather, Gunnar Modahl and after his death in 1933, by his wife and my grandmother, Ellen. It was owned within the family until 1969.

The foto on top shows us the Manor house from the north. It was restored in early 1960.

The other buildings on the farm is to the west to the Manor house, and are today owned by the western farm in Mosstorp.

The farmhands cottage

The farmhands cottage is next to the entrance of the farm. It has later been used as a carport.

Foto från 1998.

The Cowhouse and The Stable

The entrance to the Stable and the Cowhouse.

Foto taken 1998.

In the Stable building there was, from the left, the toilett, the hens house, the stable, the wagons house, storehouses for crops and a wood-house, that no longer exists.
On top of the hens house and the stable there was the barn.

Foto taken 1998.

Toilett and the entrance to the hens house.
The hens house is today rebuilt as a stable.

Foto taken 1998.

The Cowhouse is today rebuilt as a silo.

Foto taken 1998.

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