Memorable moments from 1998

Here we have put together some of our most memorable moments from last year.
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Best whiches from Gun, Håkan and Ida.

Ida´s grandfather celebrates his 75 years birthday on January 29.

Grandfather, Grandmother and Ida.

Picknic at Djurgarden in Stockholm in March.

Inger Agren, Gun and Ida.

Winter holliday in March in Branas in the north of Varmland in Sweden.

Lars Arnarp, Hakan and Ida.

1-year birthday party for Douglas Pettersson in Gustavsberg outside Stockholm.

Douglas, Hakan and Ida.

During the period May to July Hakan was fri from work and we lived at our farm Hosserudkullen in Varmland.

In the beginning of May we had a visit from Annika Sandman, Peter Liander and Jenny. Here we are at the zoo in Karlstad.

Jenny, Ida, Gun, Annika and Hakan.

In mid May we had a nice warm day and Ida sat in the grass for the first time.

The Linde family visited us on May 22.

Martin, Peter, Maria and Lisa.

During the first six months of 1988 Ida almost lived from bananas, youghurt and hot dogs....

Ida´s 1-years birthday in Solna on May 30. Here are all her friends gathered on one picture.

Martin Linde, Maria Linde, Douglas Pettersson, Karl Almgren, Hanna Nystrom, Jenny Leander and Ida.

Idas 1-year birthday cake from June 4th.

Ida opening her presents.

Midsummer at Hosserudkullen.

Edvin Kugelberg, Jonathan Kugelberg, Pia Fischer, Ida, George Fischer and Bitte Kugelberg.

One weeks vacation to Skagen in Denmark with our friends.

Andre Lundstrom, Bengt Lundstrom and Anneli Borgstrom.

On the way back we stopped by our friends in Kallby. They took us on a guided tour to Lacko castle.

Alf Claesson and Majvor Sandberg, Ida and Gun.

In August Ida and Gun had a trip on the lake Vanern by Grandfather Aste and Grandmother Berit.

On September 5 Grandmother Berit celebrated her 60´th birthday at their summerhouse south of the city of Kristinehamn.

Ida, Grandmother Berit and Grandfather Aste.

On September 6 we attended the baptism of little Anna in Edane chapell just outside the city of Arvika in Varmland.

Fredrik, Tea, Robin, Lisen and little Anna.

In December we had a visist from cousin Eric Wahlström and his wife Ingeborg.

We celebrated Christmas at the home of Hakans sister Brigitta in Stockholm. Ida is opening the gift she got from Santa Claus.

Ida, Gun and Grandmother Brita.

New Years Eve at Hosserudkullen

Anneli Borgstrom, Jan Radesjo, Gun, Bengt Lundstrom and Yvonne Hassel.

Memorable moments from 1997.