Memorable moments from 1997

Here we have put together some of our most memorable moments from 1997.

Best whiches from Gun, Håkan and Ida.

Our daughter Ida was born on June 4 at 00.10 am at the hospital in Karlstad. Here we are a little later the same day.

Idas great grandmother Brita, Gun, Ida and her grandmother Berit at the hospital in Karlstad.

Idas grandfather Matts-Rune and grandmother Brita are saying hello to Ida for the first time.

Håkan is proudly carring Ida.

In the beginning of July we had a visit at Hösserudkullen from Jan Nilsson with his family and Anders and Christina Sandén.

We are visiting the great fisherman Lars Cedergårdh and his family on Djurö.

In mid July we had a visit from Håkans cousins Chas och Betty Nelson, Nashville, USA.

On the 19th we took them on a tour up to the Dannemora area, where our forefathers came from. First we stoped by at our cousin Rutger Wahlström and his family in Uppsala, where we later the same day also had a fantastic dinner.

A family reunion for Chas and Betty at Håkans parents home on Norra Lagnö.

Brita Bergström, Yvonne Kämpe, Betty Nelson, Jan Eric Wahlström, Margareta Levin Ingeborg Wahlström, Chas Nelson, Per Levin, Eric Wahlström, Birgitta Sjöberg, Gun Hassel, Ulf Sjöberg, Matts-Rune Bergström.

A coffe-break at Hösserudkullen with Carina Oscarsson, My, Henrik Holm and Gun.

On August 9, the descendents from
Axel Gustafsson and Katarina Larsdotter, had a family reunion at the old school in Alsters parish.
Here we are visiting the old farm Säter i the same parish.

Karin Åström and Håkans mother Brita is talking about old times at the reunion.

Clayfish-party at the farm Hösserudkullen, with Håkans mother Brita, father Matts-Rune and Gun.

The baptism of Ida Ellen Carolina in Alsters church on August 16th.

Here we are outside the church. Godfather Lars Arnarp, Håkan, Gun with Ida and godmother Lis Carlsson.

Reception after the baptism. Leif-Åke Karlsson, Rita Skanslie, Bengt Lundström and Annelie Borgström.

The marriage of Björn Almgren and Anne Alfredsson on August 30 in Tveta church, just outside Vimmerby.

Godfather Lars is carring Ida in Vimmerby.

Idas first visit in the box for toys.

Guns parents, Aste and Berit, are visiting us in Solna. We had a nice taco party for them.

Godmother Lis is visiting us in Solna.

During the Fall we went with Ida to the Baby-swim.

Is she going to become a clown?

Ida is meeting Santa Claus at the home of Håkans sister Birgitta and her family.

At Hösserudkullen Ida tries to play in the snow for the first time.

Memorable moments from 1998.