The Nelson Family History - Nils Einar Nelson's mother

Nils Einar's mother

Nils Einar's mother Emma Karolina Nilsson and a man named Emil.
It is said that he lived with Emma Karolina in her older days.
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Nils Einar's mother was Emma Karolina Nilsson, called Karolina, and by the time he was born she worked as a maid on the farm Mosserud, in the church books spelled "Måserud", in Nedre Ulleruds parish in Värmlands county, Sweden.

Nils Einar was born on September 27 1902 in Nedre Ulleruds parish in Värmlands county, Sweden, and in the church books no father was listed, just his mother.

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Emma Karolina Nilsson with her daughters and Nils Einar's siblings,
Annie to her right and Karin to her left.
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