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Edith Wahlström

Edith in 1953

Edith was born on January 25 1884. She was baptised with the names Edith Albertina Viktoria and was the fifth child to the taylor Matts Wahlström and his wife Hulda Westlund. The family were living at the address Hantverkargatan 33 A in Kungsholms congregation, in the city of Stockholm.

In 1889 the family moved to Garvargatan 9 in the same congregation and the following year to Adolf Fredriks congregation and the address Kammakargatan 70.

In the beginning of 1891 the family planned to emigrate to Amerika. Later the same year they changed planns and decided to stay in Sweden. (Also see The Emigrant). Instead of America they moved to the address Bryggargatan 27 in Klara congregation.

At wintertime in the year of 1900 she met her husband to be, Hugo Bergstrom. This year Edith was 16 years old. They met while both were out skating on the lake Nybroviken in Stockholm. They were engaged on January 25 1906.

In 1906 and 22 years old, she still lived at home with her parents who now had moved to the address Bryggargatan 25. She had gone to school and had, as also her older sister Ingeborg had, a dressmaker-education.

In 1909 the family had moved to the address Flemminggatan 43 in Kungsholms congregation. This year it was written in the churchbooks that she and her sister Olga Marie worked as "Waistcoat dressmakers at the English Taylor".

On October 30 1910 she married Hugo Bergström. Edith and Hugo settled at the address Kungsgatan 80, the same building where her husband had his ironmongery.

On August 4 1911 their first child was born, the son Evald. Evald was very sick and died only 15 years old on March 17 1926.

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Edith and Evald, 1912 on
Märteberg, Norra Lagnö,
Värmdö parish.
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Edith and Evald, ca 1913

Their second child, the daughter Inga-Greta, was born March
15 1918 and their third child, the son Matts-Rune, was born on January 29 1923.

In April 1924 the family moved to the city of Gnesta in Sodermanlands county, where her husband Hugo had bought
a hardware store. On October 1 1928 the family moved on to the city of Sodertalje in Stockholms county where Hugo continued to work within hardware trading.

In October 1939 they moved back to Stockholm, to the address Jacob Westinsgatan 1 on Kungsholmen. Later they moved on to the address S:t Eriksgatan 98, in Mattues congregation, where she lived for the rest of her life.

Edith died, at an age of 77, on January 11 1962 at Sabbatsbergs hospital in Stockholm. She died from aftereffects of a broken leg in the middle of December the year before.

  • Evald Viktor Hugo, * August 4 1911, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. † March 17 1926, Gnesta.
  • Inga-Greta Viktoria Augusta, * March 15 1918, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. † December 20 2011, Djursholm, Stockholm.
  • Matts-Rune Hugo, * January 29 1923, Kungsholmen, Stockholm. † July 27 2012, Molkom.

    Postcards written by Edith the years 1902-1909.

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